Returns a compound search element created by combining the search elements in an array with the given conjunction.


func ABSearchElementCreateWithConjunction(_ conjunction: ABSearchConjunction, _ childrenSearchElement: CFArray!) -> Unmanaged<ABSearchElementRef>!



The conjunction used to join the search elements in children. Can be either kABSearchAnd or kABSearchOr.


An array containing ABSearchElement objects to be joined using conjunction. If NULL this function raises an exception.

Return Value

A new compound search element joining the search elements in children using conjunction. You are responsible for releasing this object.

See Also

Search Elements

func ABCopyArrayOfMatchingRecords(ABAddressBookRef!, ABSearchElementRef!) -> Unmanaged<CFArray>!

Returns an array of records that match the given search element, or an empty array if no records match the search element.

func ABSearchElementMatchesRecord(ABSearchElementRef!, ABRecordRef!) -> Bool

Tests whether or not a record matches a search element.