Removes the value of the given property.


func ABRecordRemoveValue(_ record: ABRecord!, _ property: ABPropertyID, _ error: UnsafeMutablePointer<Unmanaged<CFError>?>!) -> Bool
macOS, Mac Catalyst
func ABRecordRemoveValue(_ record: ABRecordRef!, _ property: CFString!) -> Bool



The record whose value you wish to remove.


The property name in record whose value you wish to remove. May be a pre-defined or program-defined property. See Common Properties for a list of properties all records have, and specific ABRecord derived opaque types for any additional properties.

Return Value

The value for property in record. The type of the returned value depends on the property type (see Property Types for a list of possible property types). You are responsible for releasing this object.

See Also


func ABAddRecord(ABAddressBookRef!, ABRecordRef!) -> Bool

Adds a record of the specified type to the Address Book database.

func ABCopyRecordTypeFromUniqueId(ABAddressBookRef!, CFString!) -> Unmanaged<CFString>!

Returns the type name of the record that matches a given unique ID.

func ABRecordIsReadOnly(ABRecordRef!) -> Bool

Returns whether or not the record is read-only.

func ABRemoveRecord(ABAddressBookRef!, ABRecordRef!) -> Bool

Removes the specified record from the Address Book database.