Returns the identifier for the primary value.


func ABMultiValueCopyPrimaryIdentifier(_ multiValue: ABMultiValueRef!) -> Unmanaged<CFString>!



The multi-value list that you wish to access.

Return Value

The unique identifier for the primary value. You are responsible for releasing this object.


Use the ABMultiValueCopyIdentifierAtIndex(_:_:) function to get index for the returned identifier, and the ABMultiValueCopyValueAtIndex(_:_:)function to get its value.

See Also

Multi Values

func ABMultiValueCount(ABMultiValueRef!) -> CFIndex

Returns the number of entries in a multi-value list.

func ABMultiValueCreateMutable(ABPropertyType) -> Unmanaged<ABMutableMultiValue>!

Returns a newly created mutable multi-value list object.

func ABMultiValuePropertyType(ABMultiValueRef!) -> ABPropertyType

Returns the type for the values in a multi-value list.

func ABMultiValueRemove(ABMutableMultiValueRef!, CFIndex) -> Bool

Removes the value and label at the given index.

func ABMultiValueSetPrimaryIdentifier(ABMutableMultiValueRef!, CFString!) -> Bool

Sets the primary value to be the value for the given identifier.