Returns the identifier at the given index.


func ABMultiValueCopyIdentifierAtIndex(_ multiValue: ABMultiValueRef!, _ index: CFIndex) -> Unmanaged<CFString>!



The multi-value list that you wish to access.


The index of the identifier you wish to obtain. If this parameter is out of bounds, this function raises an exception.

Return Value

The identifier at index in multiValue. You are responsible for releasing this object.


Each value in a multi-value list must be the same type, and has an associated pre-defined or user-defined label, and unique identifier. Use the ABMultiValueCopyLabelAtIndex(_:_:) function to get a label, and the ABMultiValueCopyValueAtIndex(_:_:)function to get a value.

See Also

Multi Values

func ABMultiValueCount(ABMultiValueRef!) -> CFIndex

Returns the number of entries in a multi-value list.

func ABMultiValueCreateMutable(ABPropertyType) -> Unmanaged<ABMutableMultiValue>!

Returns a newly created mutable multi-value list object.

func ABMultiValuePropertyType(ABMultiValueRef!) -> ABPropertyType

Returns the type for the values in a multi-value list.

func ABMultiValueRemove(ABMutableMultiValueRef!, CFIndex) -> Bool

Removes the value and label at the given index.

func ABMultiValueSetPrimaryIdentifier(ABMutableMultiValueRef!, CFString!) -> Bool

Sets the primary value to be the value for the given identifier.