Assigning a specific distribution identifier for a person’s multi-value list property so that the group can be used as a distribution list (mailing list, in the case of an email property).


func ABGroupSetDistributionIdentifier(_ group: ABGroupRef!, _ person: ABPersonRef!, _ property: CFString!, _ identifier: CFString!) -> Bool



The group that person belongs to.


The person whose distribution identifier for property you wish to change. If NULL, this function raises an exception.


The multi-value list property whose distribution identifier you wish to change.


The new distribution identifier, a label used by a multi-value list such as kABAddressHomeLabel for a kABAddressProperty. Pass NULL to reset the distribution identifier to its default, a multi-value list’s primary identifier.

Return Value

true if successful, false otherwise.


The default distribution identifier is a multi-value list’s primary identifier. Use this function if you need to change the distribution identifier for a particular person. For example, if the default identifier is a person’s home email but you want to use John’s work email, invoke this function passing kABEmailWorkLabel as the identifier parameter, kABEmailProperty as the property parameter, and John’s person object as the person parameter.