Returns data that contains a picture of a person.


func ABPersonCopyImageData(_ person: ABRecord!) -> Unmanaged<CFData>!
macOS, Mac Catalyst
func ABPersonCopyImageData(_ person: ABPersonRef!) -> Unmanaged<CFData>!



The person whose image you wish to obtain.

Return Value

The data representing an image of person. You are responsible for releasing this object.

The returned data is in a QuickTime-compatible format. To create an image from it, use the NSImage method init(data:).

See Also


func ABCopyArrayOfAllPeople(ABAddressBookRef!) -> Unmanaged<CFArray>!

Returns an array of all the people in the Address Book database.

func ABGetMe(ABAddressBookRef!) -> Unmanaged<ABPersonRef>!

Returns the ABPerson object for the logged-in user.

func ABPersonCopyParentGroups(ABPersonRef!) -> Unmanaged<CFArray>!

Returns an array of groups that a person belongs to.

func ABPersonCopyVCardRepresentation(ABPersonRef!) -> Unmanaged<CFData>!

Returns the vCard representation of the person as a data object in vCard format.

func ABPersonCreate() -> Unmanaged<ABRecord>!

Returns a newly created person object.

func ABPersonCreateWithVCardRepresentation(CFData!) -> Unmanaged<ABPersonRef>!

Returns a new ABPerson object initialized with the given data in vCard format.

func ABSetMe(ABAddressBookRef!, ABPersonRef!)

Sets the record that represents the logged-in user.