The ABPerson class encapsulates all information about a person in the Address Book database—an instance of ABPerson corresponds to a single person record in the database. The ABPerson class defines properties such as the person’s name, company, address, email addresses, and phone numbers.


The ABPerson class is “toll-free bridged” with its procedural C opaque-type counterpart. This means that the ABPersonRef type is interchangeable in function or method calls with instances of the ABPerson class.


Managing Properties

class func addPropertiesAndTypes([AnyHashable : Any]!)

Adds the given properties to all the records of this type in the Address Book database.

class func removeProperties([Any]!)

Removes the given properties from all the records of this type in the Address Book database.

class func properties()

Returns an array of the names of all the properties for the record in the Address Book database.

class func type(ofProperty: String!)

Returns the type of a given property.

Managing Linked People

func linkedPeople()

Returns the array of all person records that are linked to the person this record represents.

Managing Groups

func parentGroups()

Returns an array of the address book groups that this person belongs to.

Managing Images

class func cancelLoadingImageData(forTag: Int)

Cancels an asynchronous fetch of the images for a given tag.

func beginLoadingImageData(for: ABImageClient!)

Starts an asynchronous fetch for image data in all locations

func imageData()

Returns data that contains a picture of this person.

func setImageData(Data!)

Sets the image for this person to the given data.


Importing and Exporting vCard Formatted Files

init!(vCardRepresentation: Data!)

Returns an ABPerson instance initialized with the given data.

func vCardRepresentation()

Returns the vCard representation of the person record as a data object in vCard format.


Person Flags

Settings that determine how person records are displayed.


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