ABRecord is an abstract superclass providing a common interface to, and defining common properties for, all Address Book records. A property is a field in the database record, such as the first or last name of a person record. ABRecord defines the types of properties supported, and basic methods for getting, setting, and removing property values.


The ABRecord class is “toll-free bridged” with its procedural C opaque-type counterpart. This means that the ABRecordRef type is interchangeable in function or method calls with instances of the ABRecord class.


Initializing Records

init!(addressBook: ABAddressBook!)

Initializes a record using the given address book.


Initializes a record using the shared address book.

Retrieving and Setting Values

func removeValue(forProperty: String!)

Removes the value for a given property.

func setValue(Any!, forProperty: String!)

Sets the value of a given property for a record.

func setValue(Any!, forProperty: String!, error: ())

Sets the value of a given property for a record, returning error information.

func value(forProperty: String!)

Returns the value of a given property for a record.

Retrieving a Specific Record

func isReadOnly()

Returns whether a record is read-only.

Determining Properties

var uniqueId: String!

Returns the unique ID for a record.

Instance Properties


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