AddressBook Enumerations

Get the enumerations you use to specify Address Book information.




Constants indicating the possible value selection behaviors.

People-Picker Event Class

This is the People Picker event class.

People-Picker Event Kinds

Constants used by ABPickerAttributes to specify People Picker event types.

People-Picker Event Parameter Name

Use this constant to obtain the ABPicker object from a People Picker event.

People-Picker Selection Behavior

Constants to specify the selection behavior for the values of multi-value properties.


Address Book Errors

Errors that can be raised under the Address Book error domain.


Errors codes returned by the Address Book Framework.


Composite Name Format

These constants identify the format to use for a person’s composite name order for person records.

Record Property Types

These constants identify record property types.

Record Types

These constants identify record types.

Sort Order

These constants identify sort order for person lists.

Source Types

These constants identify the type of a source.



Different possible values for the authorization status of an app with respect to address book data.


Indicates an image format.


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