A view controller presenting an interface to create a contact.


class ABNewPersonViewController : UIViewController


New-person view controllers are modal view controllers that manage a set of view controllers used to create a contact (ABPersonRef) and edit its properties.


The ABNewPersonViewController class does not support subclassing.


Responding to View Controller Interactions

protocol ABNewPersonViewControllerDelegate

The ABNewPersonViewControllerDelegate protocol declares the interface that ABNewPersonViewController delegates must implement.

Displaying Person Properties

var displayedPerson: ABRecord?

Optional. Specifies the person properties that the new-person view controller pre-fills in its views.

Configuring New Person Views

var addressBook: ABAddressBook?

Optional. The address book to which the new contact is added.

var parentGroup: ABRecord?

Optional. Specifies the group to which to add the new contact on save.

See Also

Detail Display

class ABPersonViewController

The ABPersonViewController class (whose instances are known as person view controllers) implements the view used to display a person record (ABPersonRef).

class ABUnknownPersonViewController

The ABUnknownPersonViewController class (whose instances are known as unknown-person view controllers) implements a view controller used to create a person record from a set of person properties.

func ABCreateStringWithAddressDictionary([AnyHashable : Any], Bool) -> String

Returns a formatted address from an address property.