The ABPersonViewController class (whose instances are known as person view controllers) implements the view used to display a person record (ABPersonRef).


class ABPersonViewController : UIViewController



The ABPersonViewController class does not support subclassing.


Displaying Person Properties

var displayedPerson: ABRecord

The person displayed by the person view.

var displayedProperties: [NSNumber]?

Identifies the set of properties (such as name or telephone number) of displayedPerson the receiver displays.

var shouldShowLinkedPeople: Bool

Indicates whether the person view should display data from person records that are linked with the person record being displayed.

Configuring Person Views

var addressBook: ABAddressBook?

Optional. The address book from which to obtain the contact to display.

var allowsActions: Bool

Specifies whether the to display buttons for actions such as sending a text message or initiating a FaceTime call.

var allowsEditing: Bool

Specifies whether the user can edit the person’s information.

func setHighlightedItemForProperty(ABPropertyID, withIdentifier: ABMultiValueIdentifier)

Specifies whether to highlight a particular property of the displayed person.