Instance Property


Optional. The address book database that the person record is added to.


var addressBook: ABAddressBook? { get set }


When unspecified, this view controller sets the value of this property by creating an ABAddressBookRef object.

The person record is only added to the address book database if allowsAddingToAddressBook is true and the user taps the “Add to Existing Contact” or “Create New Contact” button.

See Also

Configuring the Interface Details

var allowsActions: Bool

Specifies whether buttons appear to let the user perform actions such as sharing the contact, initiating a FaceTime call, or sending a text message.

var allowsAddingToAddressBook: Bool

Specifies whether the user can add the properties displayed by the unknown-person view controller to the address book database, either as a new contact or by adding them to an existing contact.