The ABUnknownPersonViewController class (whose instances are known as unknown-person view controllers) implements a view controller used to create a person record from a set of person properties.


class ABUnknownPersonViewController : UIViewController


Unknown-person view controllers display contact information that can be saved to the Address Book database. From instances of this class, users may also initiate standard actions, such as:

  • Phone call

  • Text message

  • Create contact

  • Add to contact

Performing any of the standard actions may result in your application being moved to the background.


The ABUnknownPersonViewController class does not support subclassing.


Responding to View Controller Interactions

protocol ABUnknownPersonViewControllerDelegate

The methods you use to respond to events in an unknown person view controller.

Displaying Person Properties

var alternateName: String?

Provides a value that is displayed instead of the first and last name.

var message: String?

Text displayed below alternateName.

var displayedPerson: ABRecord

Specifies a person record whose properties are displayed by the view controller.

Configuring the Interface Details

var addressBook: ABAddressBook?

Optional. The address book database that the person record is added to.

var allowsActions: Bool

Specifies whether buttons appear to let the user perform actions such as sharing the contact, initiating a FaceTime call, or sending a text message.

var allowsAddingToAddressBook: Bool

Specifies whether the user can add the properties displayed by the unknown-person view controller to the address book database, either as a new contact or by adding them to an existing contact.

See Also

Detail Display

class ABNewPersonViewController

A view controller presenting an interface to create a contact.

class ABPersonViewController

The ABPersonViewController class (whose instances are known as person view controllers) implements the view used to display a person record (ABPersonRef).

func ABCreateStringWithAddressDictionary([AnyHashable : Any], Bool) -> String

Returns a formatted address from an address property.