An object containing an identifier to be used only for serving advertisements, and a flag indicating whether a user has limited ad tracking.


@interface ASIdentifierManager : NSObject


This class is expected to be used by developers who are implementing a system for serving ads. These organizations typically provide app developers with the code that interacts with this class. App developers may need to link against the Ad Support framework to use that code, but they should not need to interact with the ASIdentifierManager class directly.

To get the advertising identifier:

  1. Get a reference to the shared instance of this class using the sharedManager method.

  2. Check whether advertising tracking is limited using the advertisingTrackingEnabled property.

  3. Get the advertising identifier using the advertisingIdentifier property (note that when ad tracking is limited, the value of the advertising identifier is 00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000).


Getting the Shared Manager

+ sharedManager

Returns the shared instance of the ASIdentifierManager class.

Getting the Advertising Identifier


An alphanumeric string unique to each device, used only for serving advertisements.


A Boolean value that indicates whether the user has limited ad tracking.

- clearAdvertisingIdentifier

Clears the app's current advertising identifier, forcing the creation of a new advertising identifier the next time you need one.


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