Create and manage OpenGL rendering contexts for use in macOS, and perform operations on drawable objects.


To use AGL from the Carbon framework, your application must link to both the AGL and the OpenGL (OpenGL/OpenGL.h) frameworks.



Bit Depths

Define resolutions for the depth and stencil buffers.

Buffer and Renderer Attributes

Specify attributes used to create a pixel format object.

Buffer Mode Flags

Define constants used to set buffer modes.

Color Modes

Specify formats and color channel layout information for the color buffer.

Context Options and Parameters

Define options and parameters that apply to a specific rendering context.

Error Codes

Defines the error codes that can be returned by the aglGetError function.

Globally Configured Options

Specify options that apply globally.

Renderer Attributes

Define options for managing renderers.

Renderer Properties

Specify constants that you can use to query renderer properties.