Called by the main function to create and run the application.


int NSApplicationMain(int argc, const char * _Nonnull *argv);



The number of arguments in the argv parameter.


An array of pointers containing the arguments passed to the application at startup.

Return Value

This method never returns a result code. Instead, it calls the exit function to exit the application and terminate the process. If you want to determine why the application exited, you should look at the result code from the exit function instead.


Creates the application, loads the main nib file from the application’s main bundle, and runs the application. You must call this function from the main thread of your application, and you typically call it only once from your application’s main function. Your main function is usually generated automatically by Xcode.

Special Considerations

NSApplicationMain itself ignores the argc and argv arguments. Instead, Cocoa gets its arguments indirectly through _NSGetArgv, _NSGetArgc, and _NSGetEnviron (see <crt_externs.h>).

See Also

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