Copies a bitmap image to the location specified by a destination point.


func NSCopyBits(_ srcGState: Int, _ srcRect: NSRect, _ destPoint: NSPoint)


Copies the pixels in the rectangle specified by srcRect to the location specified by destPoint. The source rectangle is defined in the graphics state designated by srcGState. If srcGState is NSNullObject, the current graphics state is assumed. The destPoint destination is defined in the current graphics state.

See Also

Auxiliary Functions

func NSSetShowsServicesMenuItem(String, Bool) -> Int

Specifies whether an item should be included in Services menus.

func NSShowsServicesMenuItem(String) -> Bool

Specifies whether a Services menu item is currently enabled.

func NSDottedFrameRect(NSRect)

Draws a bordered rectangle.

func NSReadPixel(NSPoint) -> NSColor?

Reads the color of the pixel at the specified location.