Enables screen updates.


func NSEnableScreenUpdates()


Reenables, for all windows of a process, the flushing of drawing operations to the screen that was previously disabled by NSDisableScreenUpdates(). Successive calls to NSDisableScreenUpdates() are placed on a stack and must be popped off that stack by matching calls to this function.

See Also

Views and Controls

class NSForm

An NSForm object is a vertical matrix of NSFormCell objects to implement the fields.

class NSFormCell

The NSFormCell class is used to implement text entry fields in a form. The left part of an NSFormCell object contains a title. The right part contains an editable text entry field.

class NSMenuItemCell

An object that handles the measurement and display of a single menu item in its encompassing frame.

func NSReleaseAlertPanel(Any!)

Disposes of an alert panel.

func NSDisableScreenUpdates()

Disables screen updates.