Prepares a set of glyphs for processing by character-based routines.


func NSConvertGlyphsToPackedGlyphs(_ glBuf: UnsafeMutablePointer<NSGlyph>, _ count: Int, _ packing: NSMultibyteGlyphPacking, _ packedGlyphs: UnsafeMutablePointer<Int8>) -> Int


This function takes a buffer of glyphs, specified in the glBuf parameter, and packs them into a condensed character array. The character array is returned in the packedGlyphs parameter, which should have enough space for at least ((4 * count) + 1) bytes to guarantee that the packed glyphs fit. count specifies the number of glyphs in glBuf. packing specifies how the glyphs are currently packed.

See Also


typealias NSGlyph

The type used to specify glyphs.

protocol NSGlyphStorage

A set of methods that a glyph storage object must implement to interact properly with NSGlyphGenerator.

class NSGlyphGenerator

An object that performs the initial, nominal glyph generation phase in the layout process.

class NSGlyphInfo

A glyph attribute in an attributed string.

Glyph Attributes

Attributes that are used only inside the glyph generation machinery, but must also be shared between components.