Ruler View Attributes

Attributes that are specific to ruler views.



static let markerGroupUIElement: NSAccessibility.Attribute

A marker group user interface element (id).

static let markerType: NSAccessibility.Attribute

The type of the marker (NSString). See Ruler Marker Type Values for possible values.

static let markerTypeDescription: NSAccessibility.Attribute

The description of the marker type (NSString).

static let markerUIElements: NSAccessibility.Attribute

An array of marker user interface elements (NSArray)

static let markerValues: NSAccessibility.Attribute

The marker values (NSArray of NSNumber).

static let unitDescription: NSAccessibility.Attribute

The description of ruler units (NSString).

static let units: NSAccessibility.Attribute

The ruler units (NSString). See Measurement Unit Attributes for possible values.