Text-Specific Attributes

Attributes that are specific to text.



static let insertionPointLineNumber: NSAccessibility.Attribute

The line number containing the insertion point (NSNumber).

static let numberOfCharacters: NSAccessibility.Attribute

The number of characters in the text (NSNumber).

static let selectedText: NSAccessibility.Attribute

The currently selected text (NSString).

static let selectedTextRange: NSAccessibility.Attribute

The range of selected text (NSValue).

static let selectedTextRanges: NSAccessibility.Attribute

An array of NSValue (rangeValue) ranges of selected text (NSArray).

static let sharedCharacterRange: NSAccessibility.Attribute

The (rangeValue) part of shared text in this view (NSValue).

static let sharedTextUIElements: NSAccessibility.Attribute

The elements with which the text of this element is shared (NSArray).