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class NSDrawer

A user interface element that contains and displays text, scroll, and browser views, in addition to other view subclasses.

protocol NSDrawerDelegate

A set of methods that drawer delegates implement to open, close, and resize the drawer.

Views and Controls

class NSForm

An NSForm object is a vertical matrix of NSFormCell objects to implement the fields.

class NSFormCell

The NSFormCell class is used to implement text entry fields in a form. The left part of an NSFormCell object contains a title. The right part contains an editable text entry field.

class NSMenuItemCell

An object that handles the measurement and display of a single menu item in its encompassing frame.

func NSReleaseAlertPanel(Any!)

Disposes of an alert panel.

func NSDisableScreenUpdates()

Disables screen updates.

func NSEnableScreenUpdates()

Enables screen updates.


Auxiliary Functions

func NSSetShowsServicesMenuItem(String, Bool) -> Int

Specifies whether an item should be included in Services menus.

func NSCopyBits(Int, NSRect, NSPoint)

Copies a bitmap image to the location specified by a destination point.

func NSShowsServicesMenuItem(String) -> Bool

Specifies whether a Services menu item is currently enabled.

func NSDottedFrameRect(NSRect)

Draws a bordered rectangle.

func NSReadPixel(NSPoint) -> NSColor?

Reads the color of the pixel at the specified location.


Pasteboard Functions

static func fileNameType(forPathExtension: String) -> NSPasteboard.PasteboardType!

Returns a pasteboard type based on the passed file type.

var representedPathExtension: String?

Returns a file type based on the passed pasteboard type.

static func representedPathExtensions(from: [NSPasteboard.PasteboardType]) -> [String]?

Returns an array of file types based on the passed pasteboard types.