Deprecated Symbols

Review symbols that are no longer supported, and find the replacements to use instead.



class NSDrawer

A user interface element that contains and displays text, scroll, and browser views, in addition to other view subclasses.

class NSForm

An NSForm object is a vertical matrix of NSFormCell objects to implement the fields.

class NSFormCell

The NSFormCell class is used to implement text entry fields in a form. The left part of an NSFormCell object contains a title. The right part contains an editable text entry field.

class NSMenuItemCell

An object that handles the measurement and display of a single menu item in its encompassing frame.


protocol NSDrawerDelegate

A set of methods that drawer delegates implement to open, close, and resize the drawer.


func NSReleaseAlertPanel(Any!)

Disposes of an alert panel.

func NSDisableScreenUpdates()

Disables screen updates.

func NSEnableScreenUpdates()

Enables screen updates.

func NSSetShowsServicesMenuItem(String, Bool) -> Int

Specifies whether an item should be included in Services menus.

func NSCopyBits(Int, NSRect, NSPoint)

Copies a bitmap image to the location specified by a destination point.

func NSShowsServicesMenuItem(String) -> Bool

Specifies whether a Services menu item is currently enabled.

func NSDottedFrameRect(NSRect)

Draws a bordered rectangle.

func NSReadPixel(NSPoint) -> NSColor?

Reads the color of the pixel at the specified location.

static func fileNameType(forPathExtension: String) -> NSPasteboard.PasteboardType!

Returns a pasteboard type based on the passed file type.

var representedPathExtension: String?

A file type based on the passed pasteboard type.

static func representedPathExtensions(from: [NSPasteboard.PasteboardType]) -> [String]?

Returns an array of file types based on the passed pasteboard types.