Enumerations for use with multiple classes.



Additional Writing Directions

Additional values to be added to leftToRight or rightToLeft, when used with writingDirection.

Attachment Character

A character that denotes an attachment.

Display Device Matching

A constant that is used by NSImageRep to denote an attribute whose value changes to match the display device.

Function-Key Unicodes

Unicode characters (0xF700–0xF8FF) that are reserved for function keys on the keyboard.

Glyph Attributes

Attributes that are used only inside the glyph generation machinery, but must also be shared between components.

Layout Options

Layout options returned as a bit mask by the layoutOptions() method.

Movement Codes

The reason for a change of editing focus among text fields.

enum NSApplication.ActivationPolicy

Activation policies (used by activationPolicy) that control whether and how an app may be activated.

enum NSApplication.DelegateReply

Constants that indicate whether a copy or print operation was successful, was canceled, or failed.

enum NSApplication.TerminateReply

Constants used by the delegate method applicationShouldTerminate(_:) to determine whether an app should terminate.

enum NSBezierPath.ElementType

Basic path element commands.

enum NSBitmapImageRep.FileType

Constants for specifying the bitmap file types.

enum NSCharacterCollection

Values returned by characterCollection to specify the mapping of character identifiers to glyphs.

enum NSColorRenderingIntent

Constants that specify how Cocoa should handle colors that are not located within the destination color space of a graphics context.

enum NSColorSpace.Model

The type of the color-space mode constants listed in Color Space Models.

enum NSCompositingOperation

Compositing operators, described in terms of having source and destination images, each having an opaque and transparent region.

enum NSLayoutManager.ControlCharacterAction

Actions that control characters can cause.

enum NSSpellChecker.CorrectionIndicatorType

Constants that allow an app to specify the correction indicator type displayed.

enum NSDocument.ChangeType

Values that indicate a document’s edit status.

enum NSEvent.GestureAxis

The gesture tracking axis.

enum NSEvent.EventSubtype

Subtypes for various types of events.

enum NSEvent.EventType

Various types of events.

enum NSFontAction

The action that modifyFont(_:) will take.


Constant you use to access NSFontFamilyClass values in the upper four bits of NSFontSymbolicTraits.

enum NSFontRenderingMode

The font rendering mode.

enum NSGestureRecognizer.State

The current state of the gesture recognizer.

enum NSImageAlignment

Constants used by imageAlignment that allow you to specify the location of the image in the frame.

enum NSImage.CacheMode

Constants that specify the caching policy on a per NSImage basis.

enum NSImageView.FrameStyle

Constants that allow you to specify the kind of frame bordering the image.

enum NSImageInterpolation

Interpolations used by the imageInterpolation property.

enum NSImage.LayoutDirection

The layout direction for the image.

enum NSImage.LoadStatus

Status values that are passed to the incremental loading delegate method image(_:didLoadRepresentation:with:).

enum NSImage.ResizingMode

The resizing mode for the image.

enum NSImageScaling

Constants that specify a cell’s image scaling behavior.

enum NSLevelIndicator.Style

Constants that specify a level indicator's appearance.

enum NSLineBreakMode

Constants that specify what happens when a line is too long for its container.

enum NSBezierPath.LineCapStyle

The shape of endpoints for an open path when it is stroked.

enum NSBezierPath.LineJoinStyle

The shape of the joins between connected segments of a stroked path.

enum NSMatrix.Mode

These constants determine how NSCell objects behave when an NSMatrix object is tracking the mouse.

enum NSMultibyteGlyphPacking

A constant for glyph packing.

enum NSOpenGLContext.Parameter

The following attribute names are used by setValues(_:for:) and getValues(_:for:):

enum NSPageController.TransitionStyle

These constants control the transition style of the page controller.

enum NSPathControl.Style

NSPathStyle constants represent the different visual and behavioral styles an NSPathControl or NSPathCell object can have.

enum NSEvent.PointingDeviceType

The pointing-device types for tablet-proximity events or mouse events with a proximity event subtype.

enum NSPopUpButton.ArrowPosition

These constants are defined for use with the arrowPosition property.

enum NSPopover.Appearance

The set of predefined appearances for a popover.

enum NSPopover.Behavior

The appearance and disappearance behavior of a popover.

enum NSEvent.PressureBehavior

These constants describe the behavior and progression of a pressure gesture.

enum NSPrintOperation.RenderingQuality

These constants specify the print quality in use.

enum NSPrinter.TableStatus

These constants describe the state of a printer information table stored by an NSPrinter object.

enum NSPrintInfo.Orientation

These constants specify page orientations used by the property orientation.

enum NSPrintOperation.PageOrder

These constants specify the page order.

enum NSPrintInfo.PaginationMode

These constants specify the different ways in which an image is divided into pages. They’re used by horizontalPagination, and verticalPagination.

enum NSProgressIndicator.Style

Specify the progress indicator’s style used by style.

enum NSApplication.RequestUserAttentionType

These constants specify the level of severity of a user attention request and are used by cancelUserAttentionRequest(_:) and requestUserAttention(_:).

enum NSRuleEditor.NestingMode

Specifies a type for nesting modes.

enum NSRuleEditor.RowType

Specifies a type for row types.

enum NSRulerView.Orientation

These constants are defined to specify a ruler’s orientation and are used by orientation.

enum NSDocument.SaveOperationType

A save operation type specifies the type of document save operation to perform. These values are used with method parameters of type NSDocument.SaveOperationType. Depending on the method, the save operation type can affect the title of the Save dialog and can affect which files are displayed in the dialog.

enum NSScrubber.Alignment

The specified preferred alignment of items within the scrubber, when they come to rest following a user’s scrolling or paging interaction.

enum NSScrubber.Mode

The scrolling behavior for a scrubber.

enum NSSegmentedControl.Style

The following constants specify the visual style used to display the segmented control. They are used by segmentStyle.

enum NSSegmentedControl.SwitchTracking

The following constants specify the type of tracking behavior a segmented control exhibits. They are used by trackingMode.

enum NSSharingService.SharingContentScope

The sharing scope constants specify the nature of the things you are sharing.

enum NSSlider.SliderType

The types of sliders, used by sliderType.

enum NSSpeechSynthesizer.Boundary

These constants are used to indicate where speech should be stopped and paused. See pauseSpeaking(at:) and stopSpeaking(at:).

enum NSSpringLoadingHighlight

These constants indicate a highlighting style to be displayed by your app’s user interface during a spring-loading operation. One of these constant values will be provided by the springLoadingHighlight method.

enum NSBitmapImageRep.TIFFCompression

Constants representing the supported TIFF data-compression schemes.

enum NSTabViewItem.State

These constants describe the current display state of a tab:

enum NSTabViewController.TabStyle

Tab control style options for a tab view controller.

enum NSTextAlignment

These constants specify text alignment.

enum NSTextBlock.Dimension

The following constants specify values used by the methods setValue(_:type:for:), value(for:), and valueType(for:) to specify text block dimensions.

enum NSTextBlock.Layer

The following constants specify values used by the properties and methods contentWidthValueType, setWidth(_:type:for:edge:), setWidth(_:type:for:), width(for:edge:), and widthValueType(for:edge:) to specify text block layer values.

enum NSTextBlock.ValueType

The following constants specify values used by the methods setValue(_:type:for:) and valueType(for:) to specify text block value types.

enum NSTextBlock.VerticalAlignment

The following constants specify values used by the property verticalAlignment to specify vertical alignment.

enum NSTextField.BezelStyle

Specify the bezel style of the text field cell.

enum NSTextFinder.Action

These constants specify the user interface item tags that correspond find action. These constants are passed to the performTextFinderAction(_:) method, the responder will call the appropriate method for the tag. That method will, in turn, determine the desired action and invoke the appropriate method in the NSTextFinder object’s NSTextFinderClient protocol.

enum NSTextFinder.MatchingType

The following constants indicate the type of search anchor an action should perform.

enum NSLayoutManager.TextLayoutOrientation

Describes the text layout orientation.

enum NSParagraphStyle.TextTabType

These constants describe the various type of tab stop.

enum NSTextTable.LayoutAlgorithm

These constants, specifying the type of text table layout algorithm, are used with layoutAlgorithm.

enum NSSlider.TickMarkPosition

Specifies where the tick marks of an NSSliderCell object appear.

enum NSBox.TitlePosition

Specify the location of a box’s title with respect to its border.

enum NSTokenField.TokenStyle

The NSTokenStyle constants define how tokens are displayed and editable in the NSTokenFieldCell. These values are used by tokenStyle and the delegate method tokenFieldCell(_:styleForRepresentedObject:).

enum NSToolbar.DisplayMode

These constants specify toolbar display modes and are used by the displayMode property.

enum NSToolbar.SizeMode

These constants specify toolbar display modes and are used by the sizeMode property.

enum NSLayoutManager.TypesetterBehavior

These constants define the behavior of NSLayoutManager and NSTypesetter when laying out lines. They are used by typesetterBehavior to control the compatibility level of the typesetter.

enum NSUnderlineStyle

Constants for specifying both the underlineStyle and strikethroughStyle attributes of an attributed string.

enum NSUserInterfaceLayoutDirection

Specifies the directional flow of the user interface. These constants are returned by userInterfaceLayoutDirection.

enum NSVisualEffectView.BlendingMode

Constants to specify the source of content for blending that the visual effect view uses.

enum NSVisualEffectView.Material

Constants to specify the material the visual effect view uses.

enum NSVisualEffectView.State

Constants to specify how the material appearance should reflect window activity state.

enum NSBezierPath.WindingRule

These constants are used to specify the winding rule a Bezier path should use.

enum NSWritingDirection

These constants specify the writing directions:

enum NSWritingDirectionFormatType

Options for specifying writing direction used with writingDirection.

OpenGL Profiles

Defines constants that specify the functionality provided by the renderer.

Reserved Glyph Codes

These constants define reserved glyph codes.

Typeface Information

Typeface information is specified by the lower 16 bits of NSFontSymbolicTraits using the following constants.