Images and PDF

Create and manage images, in bitmap, PDF, and other formats.



Providing Images for Different Appearances

Supply image resources that work for light and dark appearances and for high-contrast environments.

Supporting Continuity Camera in Your Mac App

Incorporate scanned documents and pictures taken with a user's iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch into your Mac app using Continuity Camera.

class NSImage

A high-level interface for manipulating image data.

protocol NSImageDelegate

A set of optional methods that you can use to respond to drawing failures and manage incremental loads.

class NSImageRep

A semiabstract superclass that provides subclasses that you use to draw an image from a particular type of source data.

Bitmap Formats

class NSBitmapImageRep

An object that renders an image from bitmap data.

class NSCIImageRep

An object that can render an image from a Core Image object.

class NSPICTImageRep

An object that renders an image from a PICT format data stream of version 1, version 2, and extended version 2.

Vector Formats

class NSPDFImageRep

An object that can render an image from a PDF format data stream.

class NSPDFInfo

An object that stores information associated with the creation of a PDF file, such as its URL, tag names, page orientation, and paper size.

class NSEPSImageRep

An object that can render an image from encapsulated PostScript (EPS) code.

Custom Formats

class NSCustomImageRep

An object that uses a delegate object to render an image from a custom format.

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