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struct Role



static let cell: NSAccessibility.Role

The cell role in a table or matrix.

static let growArea: NSAccessibility.Role

The grow (resize) area role in a window.

static let layoutArea: NSAccessibility.Role

The layout area role (a view, such as a graphic view, that contains visual elements that may not have any accessibility representation).

static let layoutItem: NSAccessibility.Role

The role for an item in a layout area.

static let splitter: NSAccessibility.Role

The splitter bar role for a split view.

static let systemWide: NSAccessibility.Role

The systemwide accessibility object role.

static let unknown: NSAccessibility.Role

An object whose role is unknown.

Describing a Role

static func description(for: Any) -> String?

Returns a standard role description for a user interface element.

func description(with: NSAccessibility.Subrole?) -> String?

Returns a standard description for a role and subrole.