Type Property


A window’s full-screen button subrole.


static let fullScreenButton: NSAccessibility.Subrole

See Also


static let closeButton: NSAccessibility.Subrole

A window’s close button subrole.

static let contentList: NSAccessibility.Subrole

A subrole for content that is organized in a list, but is not in a list control or table view.

static let decrementArrow: NSAccessibility.Subrole

A decrement arrow subrole (the down arrow in a scroll bar).

static let decrementPage: NSAccessibility.Subrole

A decrement page subrole (the decrement area in the scroll track of a scroll bar).

static let definitionList: NSAccessibility.Subrole

A subrole for a content list in a webpage.

static let incrementArrow: NSAccessibility.Subrole

An increment arrow subrole (the up arrow in a scroll bar).

static let incrementPage: NSAccessibility.Subrole

An increment page subrole (the increment area in the scroll track of a scroll bar).

static let minimizeButton: NSAccessibility.Subrole

A window’s minimize button subrole.

static let sortButton: NSAccessibility.Subrole

A sort button subrole for a table or outline view.

static let systemDialog: NSAccessibility.Subrole

A system dialog subrole (a system-generated dialog that floats on the top layer, regardless of which app is frontmost).

static let systemFloatingWindow: NSAccessibility.Subrole

A system floating window subrole (a system-generated panel).

static let toolbarButton: NSAccessibility.Subrole

A window’s toolbar button subrole.

static let zoomButton: NSAccessibility.Subrole

A window’s zoom button subrole.