Instance Method


Sets the table’s currently selected rows.


optional func setAccessibilitySelectedRows(_ selectedRows: [NSAccessibilityRow])



An array containing the row elements to be selected.


This method is the setter for the NSAccessibilityProtocol protocol’s accessibilitySelectedRows property. Implementing this method allows the user to change the selected row using an accessibility client. Additionally, your class needs to send a selectedRowsChanged notification whenever the table’s selected rows change.

See Also

Accessibility Methods

func accessibilityColumnHeaderUIElements() -> [Any]?

Returns the column header elements for the table.

func accessibilityColumns() -> [Any]?

Returns the column elements for the table.

func accessibilityHeaderGroup() -> String?

Returns the header group for the table.

func accessibilityLabel() -> String?

Returns a short description of the table.


func accessibilityRowHeaderUIElements() -> [Any]?

Returns the row header elements for the table.

func accessibilityRows() -> [NSAccessibilityRow]?

Returns the row elements for the table.


func accessibilitySelectedCells() -> [Any]?

The currently selected cells for the table.

func accessibilitySelectedColumns() -> [Any]?

The currently selected columns for the table.

func accessibilitySelectedRows() -> [NSAccessibilityRow]?

The currently selected rows for the table.

func accessibilityVisibleCells() -> [Any]?

The visible cells for the table.

func accessibilityVisibleColumns() -> [Any]?

The visible columns for the table.