An active area inside a control.


class NSActionCell : NSCell


An NSActionCell does three things: it displays text or an icon; it provides the target object and action method used by its NSControl object; and it handles mouse (cursor) tracking by properly highlighting its area and sending action messages to its target based on cursor movement.


Assigning the Target and Action

var action: Selector?

Returns the receiver’s action-message selector.

var target: AnyObject?

Returns the receiver’s target object.

Assigning a Tag

var tag: Int

Returns the receiver’s tag.


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See Also

View Fundamentals

class NSView

The infrastructure for drawing, printing, and handling events in an app.

class NSControl

A definition of the fundamental behavior for controls, which are specialized views that notify your app of relevant events by using the target-action design pattern.

class NSCell

A mechanism for displaying text or images in a view object without the overhead of a full NSView subclass.