Instance Property


Specifies whether the alert has a help button.


var showsHelp: Bool { get set }


Set this property’s value to true to specify that the alert has a help button, or false to specify it does not.

When a user clicks an alert’s help button, the alert delegate (delegate) receives an alertShowHelp(_:) message. The delegate is responsible for displaying the help information related to this particular alert.

Clicking an alert’s help button can alternately cause the openHelpAnchor(_:inBook:) message to be sent to the app’s help manager with a nil book and the anchor specified by the helpAnchor property, if any of the following conditions are true:

  • There is no alert delegate.

  • The alert delegate does not implement alertShowHelp(_:).

  • The alert delegate implements alertShowHelp(_:) but returns false. When this is the case, an exception is raised if no help anchor is set.

See Also

Configuring Alerts

func layout()

Specifies that the alert must do immediate layout instead of lazily just before display.

var alertStyle: NSAlert.Style

Indicates the alert’s severity level.

var accessoryView: NSView?

The alert’s accessory view.

var helpAnchor: NSHelpManager.AnchorName?

The alert’s HTML help anchor.

var delegate: NSAlertDelegate?

The alert’s delegate.