A set of methods for getting and setting the appearance attributes of a view.


protocol NSAppearanceCustomization


When an object adopts this protocol, assigning a value to the appearance property causes that object to use the appearance attributes you specified instead of any inherited attributes. You can access the current attributes for the object from the effectiveAppearance property, which reflects any inherited attributes.


Getting and Setting Appearance

Choosing a Specific Appearance for Your macOS App

Adopt a specific appearance for your windows, views, or app when it is inappropriate to support both light and dark variants.

var appearance: NSAppearance?

The appearance of the receiver, in an NSAppearance object.


var effectiveAppearance: NSAppearance

The appearance that will be used when the receiver is drawn onscreen, in an NSAppearance object. (read-only)



Inherits From

See Also

Appearance Customization

Supporting Dark Mode in Your Interface

Update colors, images, and behaviors so that your app adapts automatically when Dark Mode is active.

class NSAppearance

An object that manages standard appearance attributes for UI elements in an app.