Instance Method


Starts a user attention request.


func requestUserAttention(_ requestType: NSApplication.RequestUserAttentionType) -> Int



The severity of the request. For a list of possible values, see NSApplication.RequestUserAttentionType.

Return Value

The identifier for the request. You can use this value to cancel the request later using the cancelUserAttentionRequest(_:) method.


Activating the app cancels the user attention request. A spoken notification will occur if spoken notifications are enabled. Sending requestUserAttention(_:) to an app that is already active has no effect.

If the inactive app presents a modal panel, this method will be invoked with NSCriticalRequest automatically. The modal panel is not brought to the front for an inactive app.

See Also

Managing User Attention Requests

enum NSApplication.RequestUserAttentionType

These constants specify the level of severity of a user attention request and are used by cancelUserAttentionRequest(_:) and requestUserAttention(_:).

func cancelUserAttentionRequest(Int)

Cancels a previous user attention request.

func reply(toOpenOrPrint: NSApplication.DelegateReply)

Handles errors that might occur when the user attempts to open or print files.

enum NSApplication.DelegateReply

Constants that indicate whether a copy or print operation was successful, was canceled, or failed.