Instance Method


Displays a standard About window with information from a given options dictionary.


- (void)orderFrontStandardAboutPanelWithOptions:(NSDictionary<NSAboutPanelOptionKey, id> *)optionsDictionary;



A dictionary whose keys define the contents of the About window. For a list of keys, see NSAboutPanelOptionKey.


In addition to the keys in AboutPanelOptionKey, you may also include the following key in optionsDictionary:

  • @"Copyright": An NSString object with a line of copyright information. If not specified, this method then looks for the value of NSHumanReadableCopyright in the localized version of the app's Info.plist file. If neither is available, this method leaves the space blank.

See Also

Managing Panels

- orderFrontColorPanel:

Brings up the color panel, an instance of NSColorPanel.

- orderFrontStandardAboutPanel:

Displays a standard About window.

- orderFrontCharacterPalette:

Opens the character palette.

- runPageLayout:

Displays the receiver’s page layout panel, an instance of NSPageLayout.


Keys to include in the options dictionary when displaying an About panel.