Instance Method


Handles errors that might occur when the user attempts to open or print files.


func reply(toOpenOrPrint reply: NSApplication.DelegateReply)



The error that occurred. For a list of possible values, see NSApplication.DelegateReply.


Delegates should invoke this method if an error is encountered in the application(_:openFiles:) or application(_:printFiles:withSettings:showPrintPanels:) delegate methods.

See Also

Managing User Attention Requests

enum NSApplication.RequestUserAttentionType

These constants specify the level of severity of a user attention request and are used by cancelUserAttentionRequest(_:) and requestUserAttention(_:).

func cancelUserAttentionRequest(Int)

Cancels a previous user attention request.

enum NSApplication.DelegateReply

Constants that indicate whether a copy or print operation was successful, was canceled, or failed.