Instance Method


Displays a standard About window.


func orderFrontStandardAboutPanel(_ sender: Any?)



The object that sent the command.


This method calls orderFrontStandardAboutPanel(options:) with a nil argument. See orderFrontStandardAboutPanel(options:) for a description of what’s displayed.

See Also

Managing Panels

func orderFrontColorPanel(Any?)

Brings up the color panel, an instance of NSColorPanel.

func orderFrontStandardAboutPanel(options: [NSApplication.AboutPanelOptionKey : Any])

Displays a standard About window with information from a given options dictionary.

func orderFrontCharacterPalette(Any?)

Opens the character palette.

func runPageLayout(Any?)

Displays the receiver’s page layout panel, an instance of NSPageLayout.

struct NSApplication.AboutPanelOptionKey

Keys to include in the options dictionary when displaying an About panel.