Instance Property


The types of push notifications that the app accepts.


@property(readonly) NSRemoteNotificationType enabledRemoteNotificationTypes;

Return Value

A bit mask whose values indicate the types of notifications the user has requested for the app. See NSRemoteNotificationType for valid bit-mask values.


This property contains a bitmask whose values indicate the types of push notifications that the app requested. You don’t set this property directly. Call the registerForRemoteNotificationTypes: method to register your app with Apple Push Notification Service and request the notification types your app supports. macOS delivers only notifications of types that the app supports. For a list of possible values, see NSRemoteNotificationType.

See Also

Managing Remote Notifications

- registerForRemoteNotifications

Register for notifications sent by Apple Push Notification service (APNs).

- unregisterForRemoteNotifications

Unregister for notifications received from Apple Push Notification service.

- registerForRemoteNotificationTypes:

Register to receive notifications of the specified types from a provider through the Apple Push Notification service.


A Boolean value indicating whether the app is registered with Apple Push Notification service (APNs).


These constants determine whether apps launched by remote notifications display a badge.