Instance Method


Allows an app to extend its state restoration period.


func extendStateRestoration()


This method allows an app to extend the state restoration period beyond the usual. For example, the app crashes before state restoration is complete, then it may offer to discard restorable state on the next launch.

If a window has some state that may take a long time to restore, such as a web page, you may use this method and methods to completeStateRestoration() to extend the period of this crash protection beyond the default.

You call extendStateRestoration within your implementation of restoreWindow(withIdentifier:state:completionHandler:). You would then call completeStateRestoration() some time after the window is fully restored. If the app crashes in the interim, then it may offer to discard restorable state on the next launch.

The extendStateRestoration and completeStateRestoration() methods act as a counter. Each call to extendStateRestoration increments the counter, and must be matched with a corresponding call to completeStateRestoration() which decrements it. When the counter reaches zero, the app is considered to have been fully restored, and any further calls are silently ignored.

This method is thread safe.

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