Keys to include in the options dictionary when displaying an About panel.


struct AboutPanelOptionKey


Option Keys

static let applicationIcon: NSApplication.AboutPanelOptionKey

The icon to display for the app in the About panel.

static let applicationName: NSApplication.AboutPanelOptionKey

The name of the application to display in the About panel.

static let applicationVersion: NSApplication.AboutPanelOptionKey

The version information to display in the About panel.

static let credits: NSApplication.AboutPanelOptionKey

The credits string to display in the About panel.

static let version: NSApplication.AboutPanelOptionKey

The version number to display in the About panel.


See Also

Managing Panels

func orderFrontColorPanel(Any?)

Brings up the color panel, an instance of NSColorPanel.

func orderFrontStandardAboutPanel(Any?)

Displays a standard About window.

func orderFrontStandardAboutPanel(options: [NSApplication.AboutPanelOptionKey : Any])

Displays a standard About window with information from a given options dictionary.

func orderFrontCharacterPalette(Any?)

Opens the character palette.

func runPageLayout(Any?)

Displays the receiver’s page layout panel, an instance of NSPageLayout.