Access the app's main menu items and update the window and services menus.


Accessing the Main Menu


The app’s main menu bar.


A Boolean value indicating whether the main menu contains an item for customizing the contents of the Touch Bar.

Managing the Window Menu


The Window menu of the app.

- addWindowsItem:title:filename:

Adds an item to the Window menu for a given window.

- changeWindowsItem:title:filename:

Changes the item for a given window in the Window menu to a given string.

- removeWindowsItem:

Removes the Window menu item for a given window.

- updateWindowsItem:

Updates the Window menu item for a given window to reflect the edited status of that window.

Managing the Services Menu

- registerServicesMenuSendTypes:returnTypes:

Registers the pasteboard types the receiver can send and receive in response to service requests.


The app’s Services menu.

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