Constants that control the presentation of the app, typically for fullscreen apps such as games or kiosks.


struct PresentationOptions


There are restrictions on the combination of presentation options that can be set simultaneously:

When NSApplication receives a parameter value that does not conform to these requirements, it raises an invalidArgumentException.


Presentation Options

static var autoHideDock: NSApplication.PresentationOptions

The dock is normally hidden, but automatically appears when moused near.

static var hideDock: NSApplication.PresentationOptions

The dock is entirely hidden and disabled.

static var autoHideMenuBar: NSApplication.PresentationOptions

The menu bar is normally hidden, but automatically appears when moused near.

static var hideMenuBar: NSApplication.PresentationOptions

The menu bar is entirely hidden and disabled.

static var disableProcessSwitching: NSApplication.PresentationOptions

The process switching user interface (Command + Tab to cycle through apps) is disabled.

static var disableForceQuit: NSApplication.PresentationOptions

The force quit panel (displayed by pressing Command + Option + Esc) is disabled

static var disableSessionTermination: NSApplication.PresentationOptions

The panel that shows the Restart, Shut Down, and Log Out options that are displayed as a result of pushing the power key is disabled.

static var disableMenuBarTransparency: NSApplication.PresentationOptions

The menu bar transparency appearance is disabled.

static var autoHideToolbar: NSApplication.PresentationOptions

When in fullscreen mode the window toolbar is detached from window and hides and shows with autoHidden menuBar.

static var disableCursorLocationAssistance: NSApplication.PresentationOptions

The behavior that allows the user to shake the mouse to locate the cursor is disabled.


init(rawValue: UInt)

Initializes a new presentation options structure.


Conforms To

See Also

Managing the App's Appearance

var appearance: NSAppearance?

The appearance associated with the app’s windows.

var effectiveAppearance: NSAppearance

The appearance that AppKit uses to draw the app’s interface.

var currentSystemPresentationOptions: NSApplication.PresentationOptions

The set of app presentation options that are currently in effect for the system.

var presentationOptions: NSApplication.PresentationOptions

The presentation options that should be in effect for the system when this app is active.