Instance Method


Tells the delegate the user wants to continue an activity in your app.


- (BOOL)application:(NSApplication *)application willContinueUserActivityWithType:(NSString *)userActivityType;



The app continuing the user activity.


The type of activity to be continued.

Return Value

YES if you notify the user that your app is about to continue the activity or NO if you want AppKit to notify the user.


Use this method to provide immediate feedback to the user that an activity is about to continue on this device. The app calls this method as soon as the user confirms that an activity should be continued but possibly before the data associated with that activity is available.

This method is called on the main thread as soon as the user indicates they want to continue an activity in your app. The NSUserActivity object may not be available instantly, so use this as an opportunity to show the user that an activity will be continued shortly and return YES. If you leave this method unimplemented or return NO, AppKit displays a default indication.

For each invocation of this method, the app delegate is guaranteed to get exactly one invocation of application:continueUserActivity:restorationHandler: on success, or application:didFailToContinueUserActivityWithType:error: if an error was encountered.

See Also

Continuing User Activities

- application:continueUserActivity:restorationHandler:

Tells the delegate that the data for continuing an activity is available.

- application:didFailToContinueUserActivityWithType:error:

Tells the delegate that the activity could not be continued.

- application:didUpdateUserActivity:

Tells the delegate that the user activity object has been updated.