Instance Method


Tells the delegate to open a temporary file.


- (BOOL)application:(NSApplication *)sender openTempFile:(NSString *)filename;



The application object associated with the delegate.


The name of the temporary file to open.

Return Value

YES if the file was successfully opened or NO if it was not.


Sent directly by theApplication to the delegate. The method should attempt to open the file filename, returning YES if the file is successfully opened, and NO otherwise.

By design, a file opened through this method is assumed to be temporary—it’s the application’s responsibility to remove the file at the appropriate time.

See Also

Opening Files

- application:openFile:

Tells the delegate to open a single file.

- application:openFileWithoutUI:

Tells the delegate to open a file programmatically.

- application:openFiles:

Tells the delegate to open multiple files.

- applicationOpenUntitledFile:

Tells the delegate to open an untitled file.

- applicationShouldOpenUntitledFile:

Invoked immediately before opening an untitled file.