Instance Method


Prints a group of files.


optional func application(_ application: NSApplication, printFiles fileNames: [String], withSettings printSettings: [NSPrintInfo.AttributeKey : Any], showPrintPanels: Bool) -> NSApplication.PrintReply



The application object that is handling the printing.


An array of NSString objects, each of which contains the name of a file to print.


A dictionary containing NSPrintInfo-compatible print job attributes.


A Boolean that specifies whether the print panel should be displayed for each file printed. Print progress indicators will be presented even if this value is false.

Return Value

A constant indicating whether printing was successful. For a list of possible values, see NSApplication.PrintReply.


Return NSPrintingReplyLater if the result of printing cannot be returned immediately, for example, if printing will cause the presentation of a sheet. If your method returns NSPrintingReplyLater it must always invoke the NSApplication method reply(toOpenOrPrint:)] when the entire print operation has been completed, successfully or not.

This delegate method replaces application:printFiles:, which is now deprecated. If your application delegate only implements the deprecated method, it is still invoked, and NSApplication uses private functionality to arrange for the print settings to take effect.

See Also


func application(NSApplication, printFile: String) -> Bool

Sent when the user starts up the application on the command line with the -NSPrint option.