Type Property


Returns the default line width for the all paths.


class var defaultLineWidth: CGFloat { get set }

Return Value

The default line width, measured in points in the user coordinate space, or 1.0 if no other value has been set.

See Also

Configuring the Default Path Attributes

class var defaultWindingRule: NSBezierPath.WindingRule

Returns the default winding rule used to fill all paths.

class var defaultLineCapStyle: NSBezierPath.LineCapStyle

Returns the default line cap style for all paths.

class var defaultLineJoinStyle: NSBezierPath.LineJoinStyle

Returns the default line join style for all paths.

class var defaultMiterLimit: CGFloat

Returns the default miter limit for all paths.

class var defaultFlatness: CGFloat

Returns the default flatness value for all paths.