Instance Property


The width of stroked path lines.


@property CGFloat lineWidth;


The line width defines the thickness of the receiver's stroked path. A width of 0 is interpreted as the thinnest line that can be rendered on a particular device. The actual rendered line width may vary from the specified width by as much as 2 device pixels, depending on the position of the line with respect to the pixel grid and the current anti-aliasing settings. The width of the line may also be affected by scaling factors specified in the current transformation matrix of the active graphics context.

The default value of this property is the value returned by the defaultLineWidth method.

See Also

Accessing the Path Attributes


The winding rule used to fill the path.


The line cap style for the path.


The line join style for the path.


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The accuracy with which curves are rendered.

- getLineDash:count:phase:

Returns the line-stroking pattern for the receiver.

- setLineDash:count:phase:

Sets the line-stroking pattern for the receiver.