Instance Property


The line cap style for the path.


var lineCapStyle: NSBezierPath.LineCapStyle { get set }


The line cap style specifies the shape of the endpoints on an open path when stroked. The default value of this property is the value returned by the defaultLineCapStyle method.

See Also

Accessing the Path Attributes

var windingRule: NSBezierPath.WindingRule

The winding rule used to fill the path.

var lineJoinStyle: NSBezierPath.LineJoinStyle

The line join style for the path.

var lineWidth: CGFloat

The width of stroked path lines.

var miterLimit: CGFloat

The limit at which miter joins are converted to bevel joins.

var flatness: CGFloat

The accuracy with which curves are rendered.

func setLineDash(UnsafePointer<CGFloat>?, count: Int, phase: CGFloat)

Sets the line-stroking pattern for the receiver.