Instance Method


Returns the type of path element at the specified index.


- (NSBezierPathElement)elementAtIndex:(NSInteger)index;



The index of the desired path element.

Return Value

The type of the path element. For a list of constants, see NSBezierPathElement.


Path elements describe the commands used to define a path and include basic commands such as moving to a specific point, creating a line segment, creating a curve, or closing the path. The elements are stored in the order of their execution.

See Also

Accessing Elements of a Path


The total number of path elements in the receiver's path.

- elementAtIndex:associatedPoints:

Gets the element type and (and optionally) the associated points for the path element at the specified index.

- removeAllPoints

Removes all path elements from the receiver, effectively clearing the path.

- setAssociatedPoints:atIndex:

Changes the points associated with the specified path element.