Type Alias


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typedef NSString *NSBindingInfoKey;


Type Properties


An NSString object containing the key path of the binding.


The object that is the observable controller of the binding.


An NSDictionary object containing key value pairs as specified in the options dictionary when the binding was created.

See Also

Managing bindings

- valueClassForBinding:

Returns the class of the value that will be returned for the specified binding.

- bind:toObject:withKeyPath:options:

Establishes a binding between a given property of the receiver and the property of a given object specified by a given key path.

- optionDescriptionsForBinding:

Returns an array describing the options for the specified binding.

- infoForBinding:

Returns a dictionary describing the receiver’s binding.

- unbind:

Removes a given binding between the receiver and a controller.


Tests whether a given object is special marker object used for indicating the state of a selection in relation to a key.