Instance Method


Returns by indirection bitmap data of the receiver separated into planes.


- (void)getBitmapDataPlanes:(unsigned char * _Nullable *)data;



On return, a C array of five character pointers. If the bitmap data is in planar configuration, each pointer will be initialized to point to one of the data planes. If there are less than five planes, the remaining pointers will be set to NULL. If the bitmap data is in meshed configuration, only the first pointer will be initialized; the others will be NULL.


Color components in planar configuration are arranged in the expected order—for example, red before green before blue for RGB color. All color planes precede the coverage plane. For bitmaps whose bitmapFormat mask does not include the NSAlphaNonpremultipliedBitmapFormat, if a coverage plane exists, the bitmap’s color components are premultiplied with it. In this case, if you modify the contents of the bitmap, you are responsible for premultiplying the data.

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