Instance Method


Returns the value for the specified property.


- (id)valueForProperty:(NSBitmapImageRepPropertyKey)property;



A string constant used as a key for an image property. These properties are described in Bitmap image properties.

Return Value

A value specific to property, or nil if the property is not set for the bitmap.


Image properties can affect how an image is read in and saved to file. When retrieving the bitmap image properties defined in Bitmap image properties, be sure to check the return value of this method for a nil value. If a particular value is not set for the image, this method may return nil.

See Also

Managing Compression Types

+ getTIFFCompressionTypes:count:

Returns by indirection an array of all available compression types that can be used when writing a TIFF image.

+ localizedNameForTIFFCompressionType:

Returns an autoreleased string containing the localized name for the specified compression type.

- canBeCompressedUsing:

Tests whether the receiver can be compressed by the specified compression scheme.

- setCompression:factor:

Sets the receiver’s compression type and compression factor.

- getCompression:factor:

Returns by indirection the receiver’s compression type and compression factor.

- setProperty:withValue:

Sets the image’s property to value.


Constants representing the supported TIFF data-compression schemes.